We're all pretty used to the idea of Angelina Jolie having a fetish for death. Apparently the 34-year-old actress and her partner Brad Pitt, 45, have gotten into an argument over their final resting place.

"Angelina initially wanted to be buried beside her ex-husband Bull Bob (Thornton)," said an insider. "She bought his and hers cemetery plots in Louisiana but since then she's changed her will. She's been trying to persuade Brad to make a decision on where they should be buried but he thinks the whole thing is morbid."

But of course, cemetery plot locations aren't the only thing the couple argues about. Apparently Brad wants to set up a permanent base to raise their six children, but Angela is equally eager to continue their globe-trotting ways, believing it's educational.

And we're pretty familiar with recent reports saying that Brad and Angelina are struggling to keep their relationship out of troubled waters. Brad is reported to have moved into a separate house from the couple's rented family home in Beverly Hills.

A neighbour of his new home told Grazia magazine: "He only moved in quite recently. There have been a couple of nights when we've heard him playing Nick Drake quite loudly."

Maybe Brad feels like he should've decided on that cemetery plot after all, so he can rest in piece.

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