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Well well well. Bradley Cooper is the player ain't he. First he makes Jennifer Aniston all hopeful and now he's off to his next victim. Renee Zelwegger. Its easy for him because they're lonely.

"Throughout the dinner they were playful and flirty," a witness tells OK!. "She played with her hair a lot, and she would often touch his arm when she was making a point about something." The lucky celeb-spotter also reveals to OK! that Renée even leaned forward across the table on a few occasions to play with his napkin.
"At one point, he seemed to want to whisper something to her as if it were a secret," says the diner. "He spoke into her ear and then they both started giggling."
Perhaps not wanting the night to end too quickly, the pair remained at their table, sipping tea and chatting long after they finished their food.
When the check arrived, sources tell OK! that both Brad and Renée reached for it. "She told him she wanted to buy him dinner to pay him back for something," says the witness. "And when he opened the check, it already had her card in it!" We're told this little surprise caused Brad to blurt out, "You [expletive]-er!"

Wait just a minute here. Is Bradley Cooper being paid to have sex with older women? Or has he discovered the secret in getting laid which is to target older lonelier women? Hmm...some conspiracy happening here.