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Earlier reports mentioned that Mel Gibson's gf was pregnant. Today TMZ is saying the same, adding in their report that she is in her second trimester.

We’ve learned Mel Gibson’s girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, is pregnant with his child.  Our sources say Gibson has already told his estranged wife, Robyn, and their children about the news.  By the way, Oksana is living in a house Mel got for her. And guess what else? Until recently, Oksana was living in a house purchased by songwriter/producer David Foster, with whom she also had a relationship.

David Foster?! Oksana must have some radar for weak older men who like hotter younger women. Surely, this is the epitome of a class A gold digger. It would be wrong to say that she beats the hell out of that one legged bitch of an ex of Paul McCartney's but I'm just saying..she's still young..