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Madonna isn't probably the best parent around because the father of the girl she was trying to adopt went on to appear on The Early Show to say he plans to raise Mercy. People reports:

"I want to take care of her, and I'm capable of taking care of my baby," James Kambewa told CBS's The Early Show in an interview to air Monday, the same day the court will hear Madonna's appeal of the rejected adoption.
"Mercy, she is a Malawian, so [I] need her to grow as a Malawian ... with our culture," he said.
The hearing in Madonna's appeal case will be led by the head of the judiciary in Malawi. The southern African country's High Court had previously rejected her application to adopt Mercy Chifundo James.
In his interview, Kambewa tells The Early Show that he's never met his daughter and has only seen her "in newspapers and TV, not face to face."

Well, Madonna better give up now before she thinks she can save the world. Actually, they should try putting her in the Middle East to solve the problems there. Who knows, it might actually work.