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Britney has taken up a new kind of therapy. Gardening. Because why clip the hair off from your head when you can do it to the plants! The Sun reports:

A source said: "Britney has tried every kind of therapy going. She's studied yoga, seen numerous counsellors and even experimented with mysticism, but they've never been more than passing fads.
"This time seems different though. She's committed to learning as much as she can about horticulture and how it impacts your well-being.
"Whenever she returns to her California home she's straight out in the garden working. She's very proud and knowledgeable about what she's planted and what is growing around her house."

Somebody tell Britney you can't grow Mocha Ice Blended and Chicken Wings on a tree. That being said, she probably would just try it out. Who knows? Everything is possible with Britney!