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Lindsay Lohan's post lesbianism is getting to be pretty fun. First she's showing off her body like she usually doesn't when she's out with Samantha Ronson. Next, rumor is that she's been out with several men already to drown in the sorrows of semen. And then to make things even better, Daily Mail is making her ribs an excuse to put to this up as newsworthy news. Which I of course, totally agree. You go, Daily Mail! According to Daily Mail

Her cream halter-neck sundress hung off her rail-thin frame with the cut-away back revealing her protruding ribcage and sinewy arms.
The 22-year-old looked on edge during the outing, clutching a can of Coca-Cola and biting her finger nails as she stopped to try on reading glasses at an optometrist.

Daily Mail forgot to mention that Lindsay Lohan owes us a rib. And so what should we do as rights deserving human beings? Sit around and watch? Maybe. Lets do that. Page six however is more hard truth like, saying she's going on an all out penis parade. according to Page Six:

The faux lesbian has been "a complete and utter wreck" since Ronson broke it off with her two weeks ago, and has been spending time with "a different man every night," said one concerned friend. Some of the guys include "90210" star Kellan Lutz -- who "has been out of town this week, but they are in constant contact," the friend said -- as well as British paparazzo Chris Jepson.
On April 15, Lohan and Jepson were inseparable at a Hollywood Hills house party. According to a spy, they even went into a bathroom together and didn't come out for quite some time.

Hoorah for males all around with penises armed and ready to go. No more scissoring for a change.