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Because Lindsay Lohan makes up 90% of the celeb gossip posts in the world, here's her contributing to her quota. OK says Supermom Dina is trying to convince Lindsay to go to rehab. But she's pulling an Amy Winehouse. no...

In the predawn hours of what should have been a peaceful Easter, Lindsay Lohan and her mother, Dina, let loose with a world-class shouting match.
From upstairs, neighbors could hear Lindsay cry, “Mom, stop it!” “Enough!” “Quit it!” Why was Dina harping on her troubled daughter? To persuade her to enter rehab, sources reveal.
“We’re all trying to convince Lindsay to go,” a relative tells OK!. Since her split with Samantha Ronson, the actress’ life has spun out of control. Downing vodka shots at a party 24 hours before the Dina dustup, LiLo, 22, seemed “absolutely smashed,” a partygoer tells OK!. “She looked lonely and lost.”

A couple of days back, Dina drove Lindsay up to a social gathering spot, also known as a watering hole, also known as the place where alcoholic beverages are served. Clearly, we know where the root of the problem is right now.