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According to ‘China Times’ report, Xiao S (Dee Xu) places great importance on special occasions. After being a mother, she still likes to be all romantic with her husband Mike on Valentine’s Day. Actually, to her, everyday is Valentine’s Day, as she enjoys intimate time: “After we drop off our kids, we like to scratch each other to play, otherwise I would be in the bathroom exercising, and when he comes back from outside, he likes to smack my bum.”

Last year’s Valentine’s Day, she had just finished recording, and felt like throwing a tantrum, but when she saw Mike giving her 2 bottles of 1978 red wine (the year she was born), tears immediately welled up in her eyes. And afterwards they ate French cuisine together: “Have to eat slowly, taking big bites of steak would kill the scenery.”

Filming cover of ‘Weekly Times’

When modelling GUCCI & LOEWE new spring and summer clothing line, Xiao S says she’s not a rich woman but rather a “professional woman, the kind that has a career and takes care of home!”

Besides understanding to maintain the sweetness with her husband, she also has a good method of educating her children. She doesn’t like to be a yelling mum, and insists on never hitting her children, rather she uses a different method: “I’m very good at making up stories to scare children, eg if they’re not well-behaved, they’ll get run over by a car, or get electrocuted, otherwise it would be getting burnt, or climbing to a high place and then falling off.” When her children sees things they’re not familiar with, they will first ask: “Does this have a horror story to it?”