For any Gossip Girl or pop star, staying fit is likely a top New Year's resolution. As we slide into 2009, how are the stars keeping up their fast-paed routines but skipping on the indulgences?

One method is cutting those cocktail calories with TeaZazz—a celeb fave sparkling tea that counts Blake Lively, Penn Badgley, Christina Milian and Lauren Conrad as fans.

The sparkling tea counts only 25 calories in a serving (as opposed to 90 in tonic water and up to 150 in a variety of juices) and comes in yummy flavors like Green Tea Lemon, Mint and Peach.

So when you hit your post-New Year's party scene, skip the heavy standards and opt for lighter mixers: a Dietini, if you will!

It'll be bathing suit season before we know it.