Madge takes time out from her concert to call Guy Ritchie "emotionally retarded."

Sarah Palin isn't the only one who's been drawing Madonna's onstage wrath recently.

The Daily Mail reports that, during her concert in Boston last night, the soon-to-be-divorcée and baseball super-fan took a thinly veiled swipe at her estranged husband, Guy Ritchie.

Madonna introduced the song "Miles Away"—which she'd previously claimed was inspired by Ritchie—by announcing, "This song is for the emotionally retarded. Maybe you know some people who fall into that category. God knows I do."

Oh, snap! In your face, Guy Ritchie!

But, uh, if Guy is emotionally retarded, what does that make Madonna's other, aggressively childish ex, Sean Penn?

Either way, Madonna should be careful about throwing around "R" bombs. People tend to react negatively to that sort of talk.