Lady Gaga skinned Kermit the Frog and made him into a frog coat.

The singer showed up on a German TV show wearing the bizzare Kermit jacket, in which a few hundred lead-looking Kermits are sewn together, with a Kermit head of Gaga's head.

But yes, the fact that she's an international super pop star makes it alright for her to wear anything she pleases, including frogs.

Lady Gaga - whose real name is Stephanie Germanotta - wore the coat designed by Jean Charles de Castlebajac, while the singer was interviewed.

This Kermit jacket isn't the first time Gaga has chosen a Muppet themed look. Just last week, the star wore Animal's head as a skirt.

Watch the video of the interview below:

[via DailyMail]