Lady GaGa knows no boundaries when it comes to bringing her extreme fashion sense to the audience.

Here she last night on the opening night of her tour in San Diego, playing her piano clad only in a bodysuit covered in what looks like plastic soap bubbles.

It's GaGa's bathtime and her lucky audience was front and center for it.

And once again, there are no pants to be found. Anywhere. It's the American leg of the fashion adventurer's "Screw Pants Tour 09!"

GaGa (real name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) played a 45-minute set at San Diego's House of Blues club.

She also debuted some OTHER interesting concoctions from her homemade Haus of GaGa initiative - including a dress made from fan-shaped billows of cloth and a tame (for her) leotard decorated black and white lightning shapes.