5 Myths About Tummy Tuck Process That You Must Know

Are you planning to go for Tummy Tuck? Do you become apprehensive due to the myths associated with Tummy Tuck? Well, we will discuss some of the myths here so that you can go for this procedure with a clear bent of mind.

Is Your Skin Condition Impacting Your Mental Health?

It’s embarrassing to get a big pimple on your cheek. You can try to pop it and cover it up with makeup first thing in the morning. Or you can do nothingand hope that no one will be rude enough to point out that there is something wrong with your skin. 

10 Foods That Can Save Your Heart

 Avoiding unhealthy food is not the only way to prevent heart disease; a healthy diet is also crucial to protect your heart. You can choose the right foods and eat them regularly to keep your cholesterol and blood pressure levels in check. Here is a rundown of foods that can help protect your heart.

Making Mental Health Care a Part of Your Lifestyle

When was the last time you stopped to consider your lifestyle?

Our lifestyle has so many aspects, from the things that surround us every day to the things that we believe in, prioritize, and aspire to. From our values to our eating habits, every aspect of our daily lives contributes to our lifestyle. Sometimes, we contemplate our lifestyles; we read magazine articles or blog posts and come up with new ways to make time to exercise or a fresh way to decorate our kitchen. But, the rest of the time, our lifestyles and the habits that form them remain tragically unexamined. That’s a problem, particularly when it comes to mental health.

Benefits of a Spine Surgery

When it comes to spine surgery, people are mostly inclined to minimally invasive spine surgery. This is a kind of an endoscopic procedure where the surgeon uses a specialised video camera along with some other instruments to complete the surgical procedure. These instruments are passed through some small incisions from the chest, back or the abdomen and then the surgeon gets access to the spine where the surgery is supposed to be performed.

What is Progestin and Estrogen and How Do They Work in Birth Control?

Oral contraception was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 1960. Along with pregnancy prevention, some women use birth control for other reasons, including treating acne, regulating heavy periods, reducing severe cramps, and managing endometriosis. 

Hair Transplant in Young Patient: Some common mistakes commonly seen

Generally, hair transplant surgery is not recommended for younger patients who are underage. The hair transplant surgery is an aesthetic cosmetic surgery that requires certain conditions on the part of the patient to perform the surgical procedure. However, the patient must possess all those specific set of attributes that are required for performing hair transplant surgery. 

Dr. Bikash Chowdhury Shares 5 Reasons You Need a Light Daily Workout

In today's increasingly health-minded culture, you are probably aware at least that exercise is good for you. However, do you know precisely what a daily workout can do for your body, mind, and spirit? According to Dr. Bikash Chowdhury, a specialist in family medicine devoted to the health and overall well-being of his patients, even a light workout using bodyweight exercises, some aerobics or cardio is better than nothing at all. 

4 Important Reasons to Visit Your Gynecologist

Here are some of the important reasons that make yearly visits to the gynecologist a must for women. It is an important initiative every woman should take.

As a child, the only doctor visit that you had to worry about was your primary care. It wasn't until you reached your teenage years that you learned about visiting the gynecologist. As a young teenager, if your parents didn't schedule an appointment for you, then you'd probably never go. 

Food items to stay healthy in old age

As you grow older, your body needs a different variety of food. Your body requires lots of nutrients as your body transforms into a degenerative mode. Growth of cells and repairing tissues in your body decreases and hence your body is no longer fit as it once in your younger age.

The Untapped Potential of Honey Market and Its Future

SourceApiculture or Bee Keeping is a prominent business in many parts of the world including India. This is a commercial operation where large numbers of bees are kept and nurtured for extracting organic honey. The awareness about the goodness and benefits of organic honey is increasing and therefore, its demand as well. 

Glendalyn Fodra On How To Establish Good Communication With Your Doctor

Having good communication with your doctor is vital to getting the most out of your medical care. However, many people don't know how to communicate effectively with their doctors. Take it from Glendalyn Fodra, a devoted physical therapist with 25 years of experience in various settings. 

Order Medicine Online: What to Know About Buying Prescriptions Online

If you are trying to order medicine online, you should click here to learn everything you should know about online pharmacies.

About 1 in 4 Americans say that they struggle to afford their prescription medications every month -- and many can't even afford them at all. 

7 Benefits of Taking a Multivitamin Every Day

From improved eye sight to improvements in memory and mood, multivitamins come with a host of benefits. Read on for 7 benefits of taking a multivitamin.

Are you having trouble with your memory? Feeling moody? Is your vision worse than it used to be? If your answer is yes, you could benefit from taking multivitamins. Multivitamins have been around since the 1940s. They are the most popular dietary supplement in the world and known to help improve your mood, brain health, eyesight, and other system functions.

3 Fascinating Reasons to Become CPR Certified!

According to studies, cardiac arrest is the third primary cause of death behind heart disease and cancer. It is estimated that it strikes 600,000 people every year, taking the majority of the lives of those individuals. Out of which, approx 395,000 cardiac arrest cases occur outside of the hospital, which marks less than 6% of survival.

Work out Plan For Beginners: Finding Right Mindset, Nutrition, and Gear

We live in an age where workout culture has become so dominant that it’s also difficult to avoid. Everywhere we look, there are gym gurus, fitness Instagram influencers, celebrities who proudly show us their workout routines, so it’s no wonder that more people are finding the motivation to exercise. Yet, if you’re a beginner, you might find all this talk about workout a bit confusing. That’s nothing to worry about because all you need is a good work-out plan that will help you reach your fitness goals:

Crystal, Clear Communication: How to Talk to Your Doctor and Be Heard

Are you withholding vital information when you talk to your doctor? Don't! Here's how to communicate better, so you are heard and treated well.

Research shows that more than 81% of Americans communicated with a healthcare professional last year. 

Dental Anxiety: What is it and how can you cope with it?

Dentist treating a woman scared of the dental procedure.

No one necessarily looks forward to going to a dentist any more than they look forward to going to a physician. In fact, most people have some sort of anxiety before visiting a dentist, much like any other health professional.
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