Artist Beth Katleman, known for her "doll-sized rococo theaters of murder and domestic mayhem," introduces a new art installation called Folly. Similar to the florid designs of 18th century wall coverings, Katleman has strategically placed fifty sculptures which make for an intriguing 3-dimensional porcelain "wallpaper." View the closeups plus a description from the artist below:

Fifty white sculptural tableaus hover just off the turquoise wall, surrounded by an explosion of fruit and flowers.  Each tableau is a miniature landscape with water features, topiaries, architectural follies, figurines and toys from the flea market.  Dark humor infuses the narratives: an elf sits astride a giant smiling snail in the shadow of the Sacre-Coeur Basilica; a parade of bridesmaids ends badly with one attendant drowning in a pond; and a toothless boy cavorts with a kindly reindeer as a duckling tumbles over a waterfall.