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LED technology has made an impact on high bay lighting, and the shift towards LED lamps in High bay lighting market is becoming very prominent. LED has much more to offer with cheap LED lamps and new technology sensors which are better than ever. The consistently falling prices of LED are also a reason that high bay lighting market is shifting towards LED.   Read more
INTERIOR DESIGN  Sep 17, 2017 16:50
You spend so much time in your bedroom, so making it the perfect place is important. It should have a feeling of serenity and relaxation, while being fun and inviting. To make your bedroom the happiest place in your home, it should reflect who you are as a person. Between comfort and color, you can make your bedroom the safe haven you are looking for at the end of a long day.  Read more
INTERIOR DESIGN  Sep 16, 2017 14:06
Owning a home with a garage is great for the budding car lover, providing an environment to tinker with your vehicle, undertake various other DIY tasks and in some cases, even relax. Yet many of us end up filling half of our garages with junk, allowing them to get dirty and cramped. That’s why it’s important to look after your garage and create a space which will make you want to step into your garage and be productive at whatever task you’re doing.   Read more
ARCHITECTURE  Sep 08, 2017 19:32
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