Swedish photographer Bruno Basic shot these beautiful photos of a contemporary home in Sweden. The story behind the inspiration and owner is explained by Basic:

“In 2011, I had the honor to photograph a house that was “modern” as my clients described it. What I saw at the driveway to the house I noticed that this house was a little different than regular houses that I see around me. This was more square and appeared to be incredibly well designed. I had never been in contact or met the owner of the house and honestly, I thought it lived a young design-interested couple there. But I was wrong. The house was owned by a middle-aged businessman who had exquisite taste for design. He had designed the house himself and was very proud of it. The house has magnificent view over the city of Kalmar and the sea that surrounds it. Everything in the house was exclusive and the materials came from local producers. The floor was made only a few miles away. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do.”

And enjoy we did. Check it out below: