Are you bored with your old room? You can give an all new look to your room with these simple tricks that don't require a lot of money and also takes less hard work. Get ready to show your creative side and astound your friends and family members with your stunning room makeover! Follow the steps given below to change the vibes of your room and turn it into something more beautiful. 

Change the bedsheets and curtains

The bedsheets and curtains make the most of your bedroom. Dull colors of bedsheets and curtains make your room look gloomy, and the bright colors of bedsheets and curtains beatify the glory of your room. When you’re trying to change the look of your room always start with changing the colors of the curtains and bedsheets. Use matching and bright colors, it brings a sort of symmetry in the room, and your room looks a lot organized. Try to match the color of the curtains and bedsheet with the color of walls or go out of the way and try a contrast color idea. Mixing and matching of the colors make the room just more gorgeous. 

Bring more lights

Add different colored lights in your room. Not just the LED lights that are general necessity to keep your room bright at night, instead use colorful sling lights and other decorative lights to make your room look like heaven in the night. Make good use of lamp and place it in the corners of the room just to make it a cute corner light. Bringing more lights in your room makes your room a perfect place even for dates, colorful lights can romanticize even the dullest of the things. If you have a balcony attached in your room, you can also use hanging lights to decorate it and make it an amazing place to sit and look at the stars.

Add paper decor items

Paper decors are best things to decorate your room with. You can add so many paper items such as wall hangings, picture collage, wall decors, and even customized calendars to revamp your room.  There are a lot of videos and tutorials on the internet to make paper décor items, bring out your creative self and try your hands on each one of them. You can make your own customized calendars with the help of the customization websites. These websites allow you to make editable calendar, customize them and print them. Give it a go and make your own Calendar 2020 printable to hang in one of your walls. Make sure you’re making these paper decors according to the color selection of your room just to give it a more systemized look.

Recycle and decorate!

Decorating your room with recycled items works as a twofold benefit. It embellishes your rooms while making great use of waste products. Use your creativity and bring your waste to good use. There are a lot of ways in which you can transform the unused products to produce something usable. For instance, you can use empty plastic bottles to make plant pots. Cut the top of the bottles cover it with vivid colors, fill it with soil and place a cute little plant in it. Plants bring positivity and glory in the room. You can also waste magazines or your project sheets to create wonderful paper art to decorate your room.

If you have any more amazing ideas to give your room a new look, do let us know in the comments section below.