Walls make our room, in the literal sense, but somehow they don’t get to play a major part in the design and decoration. Although when you look at it, there is a whole wide blank space. If an artist is to see the wall from an interior design perspective, s/he will consider it as a blank canvas for sure.

So why don’t you become the artist and see the wall creatively and come up with great many ideas to utilize it to the fullest?

I have few ideas for the wall design and décor. However, I would suggest selecting one wall and working on that because indulging all the walls might end up too overwhelming.

Let’s begin;

• The wallpaper

The classic case of wallpapers; it is not one of the most creative out there and most people generally go for wallpapers in their room. However, the selection of the wallpaper makes all the difference. The generally selected wallpapers are often too boring and predictable. You can pick their design and color from far away. In simple terms, these wallpapers are doing nothing to spice up the décor of the room.
The right way will be to go for the unpredictable wallpapers in terms of color and design.  

• Go creative

Earlier we have discussed the possibility of an artist painting on the wall. Well, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea to adopt it as a wall decoration trick. When you think about it, there are too many options to draw or paint like the old traditional graffiti or simple sketches and drawings – the choice is yours.

• The photo frames

Photo frames are such perfect and divine gift for the wall. You can pick one central art masterpiece and place it in the middle of the wall. Another way can be to just pick a selected area on the wall and fill it with photo frames with personal family pictures. You can always go for the classic combination of three ascending photo frames.

Well, you got the point, with photo frames, you get so much to play around. Also, if you are looking for some tasteful frames, just visit www.izzz.com.au .

• The wall fixtures

The light fixtures for walls are also a great idea. The light fixtures are like a whole new world. The diversity in design, material, color, shape, size, light, and height will blow away your mind.

Wall fixtures seem like a good accessory. They are mostly used in pairs. So fixing two of them on the wall would be sufficient enough design-wise. just visit www.izzz.com.au

• Go crazy with wall accessories

Although we have mentioned a number of wall accessories, there is so much more to explore in this category. If you simply focus on accessorizing the wall better to get better design results, you will be surprised by the outcome.
As for the actual wall accessories, there is a wall clock, paintings, and so much more. You can explore different wall accessories on www.izzz.com.au

• Keep it simple and plain

So far, we have discussed some pretty wild as well as digestible wall design and decoration suggestions. However, the ultimate design value lies in simplicity and scarcity. The final idea is to leave it be, just simple and plain wall with a bold choice of color that speaks loudly about the owner of the house.

Well, you must have liked some of the ideas in the above list and maybe your mind has worked a few thoughts of your own. For more information about the walls and its decoration, make sure you have seen the www.izzz.com.au for inspiration, accessories and maybe shopping.