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Don’t feel disheartened if your back garden is tiny. You can do incredible things in a small space that can equal some of the best gardens. Think about the cost of materials too; it could cost thousands to outfit a large area. You get the same effect for half the price. Of course, you can still spend much money on features if you want to, they will not go unnoticed in a small area.  Read more
INTERIOR DESIGN  Sep 01, 2014 17:44
Technology has developed fast over the last one-hundred years and so it is no surprise that home automation has become big business. We seek to make our lives easier by controlling things from our chairs, vehicles, or leaving things to run on their own. Now that we have smartphones and tablet computers, manufacturers can produce wireless apps to help us manage our gadgets.  Read more
INTERIOR DESIGN    Aug 29, 2014 18:53
Here's taking a look at the Long Brick House completed by Földes & Co. Architects in 2013. The home is located in Hungary and was designed for a couple looking to retire and support their large library of books. Check out more in the gallery after the jump:  Read more
INTERIOR DESIGN    Aug 29, 2014 12:07
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