Modern Family Home in Mexico Creatively Designed by Jorge Hernández de la Garza

Located in Del Valle, in Mexico City, is the Fatima House by Jorge Hernández de la Garza. Designed for a young couple, the architectural plan consists of a main level where the social areas are located, with an inviting living room, dining room, bar, wine cellar, kitchen, and family room. The upstairs accommodates the bedrooms and a studio.

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From time to time, garage door needs will always arise calling for the need of such services as well as maintenance tips after repair. The common problems range from unresponsive sensors, broken springs and any other repair cases and maintenance needs. Whichever the case, the first step in the process after repair is continuous periodical checks for ant signs of maintenance and repair. The inspections aim at checking if the garage door is operating smoothly and if it's safe for the car. Monthly inspections are encouraged.  Read more
HOME DECOR & SAFETY  Jan 02, 2018 20:50
An air conditioner is among the essential electronic machines that are quite helpful. Either you are using it at home or at work, there is need to keep it in a good state for it to give you an excellent service. Developed in different sizes and models, all of them have the same maintenance requirements. While you can afford a specialized electrician, there is a need for you to understand the basic ways on how to service the equipment. It is for that reason that this article will illustrate some of the ways you service an air conditioner.  Read more
APPLIANCES  Jan 02, 2018 20:50
The real estate has become one of the fastest growing industries in Toronto in the past years. Many condo developers have also emerged bringing in competition among them because every developer wants to offer the best services. Buyers should therefore go for the best condo developers to get the best services. This article will review some of the best condo developers in Toronto.  Read more
ARCHITECTURE  Jan 02, 2018 20:50
Walking into your apartment is like walking into a hoarder’s house. At least that’s how you feel right now. That claustrophobic feeling of your space closing in on you is not something many of enjoy. And clutter in an apartment where space is limited in the first place, just compounds the issue. Or perhaps you’re ready for a change and you feel there needs to be more space and spring cleaning just isn’t cutting it anymore.   Read more
HOME DECOR & SAFETY  Dec 30, 2017 20:52
If your garage doors make an R2D2-like, squeaky sound when you roll them up, you probably feel annoyed all the time. But the problem is – you probably don’t even know what the issue is in the first place. Well my friend, in this case, you need to replace the rollers on your garage doors.  Read more
HOME DECOR & SAFETY  Dec 30, 2017 20:32
Nothing makes a home look beautiful and glamorous than a well-maintained yard. For buyers, this is the first area that attracts them when searching for a home to buy. So the better the yard looks, the more potential buyers you attract.   Read more
ARCHITECTURE  Dec 29, 2017 12:17
For most people, their house is not just a home; it is their greatest investment. That is why hiring a contractor can be such a liability. A bad contractor can put you in a terrible spot and end up costing you not just money, but maybe even injuring you or someone you love. Before you hire a contractor, it is important that you reduce the likelihood of getting stuck with poor construction by doing the legwork up front. These tips can minimize the potential that you find yourself in a bad-construction nightmare.  Read more
ARCHITECTURE  Dec 29, 2017 12:17
Dealing with a damaged roof is expensive. The average cost of a roof repair is around $700 – and if you need to completely replace a roof due to storm damage or aging shingles, you’re going to be looking at an average investment of $7000.  Read more
ARCHITECTURE  Dec 29, 2017 12:17
Are you planning on renovating your kitchen? One way to make it stand out and look elegant is by incorporating lighting. A well-lit kitchen creates an excellent and safe cooking area, and with the variety of styles of lights that are available in the market, you can also upgrade the look of your kitchen.   Read more
KITCHEN  Dec 28, 2017 21:51
Hiring a skip is an incredible, straightforward approach to dispose of your waste materials rapidly and productively and this post is a general manual to guide you to hire a suitable one for yourself. There are times when shipping junk forward and backward to the landfill just winds up noticeably dirty, and hiring a skip would be simpler. In different circumstances – renovating a house, for instance – having a skip to be used to dispose of so much of waste is an easy decision.   Read more
HOME DECOR & SAFETY  Dec 24, 2017 11:57
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