Modern Family Home in Mexico Creatively Designed by Jorge Hernández de la Garza

Located in Del Valle, in Mexico City, is the Fatima House by Jorge Hernández de la Garza. Designed for a young couple, the architectural plan consists of a main level where the social areas are located, with an inviting living room, dining room, bar, wine cellar, kitchen, and family room. The upstairs accommodates the bedrooms and a studio.

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A lot of the time, it can be tough to find a versatile, informative article on remodelling. Usually when I go looking, all I come across is niche posts, focussing on one tiny area of the home. Obviously it’s good to have posts which go into detail, but it’s not exactly convenient when you need to do a series of different searches. To help you to get around the issue, I’ve written a feature which covers a few rooms. If you’re remodelling your bathroom, living room, or your entire house, I’m sure you’ll find some valuable tips here.  Read more
INTERIOR DESIGN    Feb 16, 2016 20:53
Imagine that requires zero power tools or heavy machinery. This is the PopUp House, a French design studio, that can be made from insulation blocks, treated lumber, and wood screws. It even looks pretty stunning too!  Read more
ARCHITECTURE  Feb 12, 2016 13:13
We all have our individual tastes when it comes to home interior design. Some of us prefer the rustic look while others opt for a modern style. Contemporary designs are growing in popularity in many parts of the world.  Read more
INTERIOR DESIGN  Feb 12, 2016 00:17
Chilean artist Sebastian Errazuriz found a tree while walking around the city in Santiago, Chile. The natural shape of it allowed him to transform it into a beautiful shelf. He adapted it to his needs by twisting and sanding the rough edges.  Read more
INTERIOR DESIGN  Jan 13, 2016 11:56
Enjoying your outside space is one thing. Revelling in a glamorous patio with all the trimmings is something else. Have you ever imagined lounging by your pool without a care in the world? Have you ever dreamed walking out onto the deck on a perfect sunny morning?  Read more
INTERIOR DESIGN  Jan 11, 2016 20:47
There are many ways looking to improve the looks and functionality of a house. One of the most popular approaches to doing this is to add more windows.  Read more
INTERIOR DESIGN  Jan 08, 2016 22:36
This two-story home is located above the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles and it features 27 foot-high glass walls opening up to a multi-level outdoor deck with an infinity pool and spa. Check it out below:  Read more
ARCHITECTURE  Jan 07, 2016 18:30
Keeping your house warm in the winter is a priority for every family, but deciding how to do that can be complicated. The most conventional way to keep your house warm is installing either a heat pump or a furnace. Both have their pros and cons, and we've listed the top three things you need to consider when deciding to buy either a furnace or heat pump, as well as the difference between the two systems.  Read more
APPLIANCES  Dec 31, 2015 13:06
Each season you get ready for a new kind of weather. You change your wardrobe, or stock up for the winter. You take care of things and get ready. Your HVAC system requires the same kind of seasonal preparation but it’s easy to think of your heating and cooling system as a set of static machines.  Read more
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Nobody likes feeling hot. This is why most of us spend our summers trying to find ways to beat the heat. The most common solution is air conditioning; in fact, in the summer in the U.S., nearly half of the country's energy use is devoted to running the AC.  Read more
APPLIANCES  Dec 29, 2015 19:03
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