Modern Family Home in Mexico Creatively Designed by Jorge Hernández de la Garza

Located in Del Valle, in Mexico City, is the Fatima House by Jorge Hernández de la Garza. Designed for a young couple, the architectural plan consists of a main level where the social areas are located, with an inviting living room, dining room, bar, wine cellar, kitchen, and family room. The upstairs accommodates the bedrooms and a studio.

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It’s necessary to renovate your home every couple of years to repair everything that needs to be repaired and perform renovations to add value to it. This is even something you need to consider if you plan the property in the future. Renovations, in particular, are important to prevent further damage to the parts of your home that might need some repairs. More importantly, it boosts the curb appeal of your home.   Read more
INTERIOR DESIGN  Apr 17, 2019 12:16
Compared to the rest of your home, a garage is oftentimes neglected. You may have redecorated your kitchen, bought a new sofa, a desk or an armchair, but when was the last time you invested in your garage? After all, this space is extremely practical and you rely on it to protect your vehicle and safely store all the tools and items banned from the rest of your home.   Read more
INTERIOR DESIGN  Apr 17, 2019 12:14
Purchasing a property is a considerable investment, and it can be a difficult choice to get right. Do you go for a brand new plot and watch your house come to life before your eyes, or indulge in history and pick a creaky old property? One option which is becoming increasingly popular is the fixer-upper.   Read more
APPLIANCES  Apr 16, 2019 01:26
Being efficient in the 21st century is the main objective in the fast food industry. Due to the high competition and the need to meet the diverse customers’ food specifications, it is important for the organizations to look at the appropriate ways in the food preparation process. Speeding up the food preparation process is not an easy task for any organization. The organization aiming at improving the food preparation process need to identify the setbacks that derail them in their activities of food preparation and come up with strategies to overcome this inefficiency. The strategies adopted may appear to be very expensive to adopt but much later they usually make the process efficient and result in more revenue in the long run. However, the organization should be careful not to adopt strategies that make efficient the process of food preparation but compromising the end result. Organizations should aim at attaining efficiency in wholesomeness other than in only one area.  Read more
APPLIANCES  Apr 14, 2019 17:07
Likewise, a coin has two sides tankless water heater also has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Now, after going through both these things you need to judge whether you will prefer it over the traditional tank-based water heaters or not. You need to find out whether the profits of using such a water heater are more or not.  Read more
APPLIANCES  Apr 13, 2019 20:20
Investing in a rental property is a great way to take control of your financial future, but if you think being a landlord is a primarily passive income source, don’t be fooled. Being a landlord is hard work and can mean being on call 24/7, navigating complicated relationships and legal issues, and handling a variety of maintenance emergencies.   Read more
INTERIOR DESIGN  Apr 13, 2019 17:39

What better way for your children to enjoy their summer vacation than taking a plunge into the swimming pool? Taking a dip will surely keep your children refreshed when it becomes really warm during the summer.  Read more
INTERIOR DESIGN  Apr 12, 2019 19:46
Deciding to embark on a window replacement project in your home is not an easy task. You need to have tangible reasons and the funds to accomplish your mission. However, because it’s a great investment for your entire family’s comfort with the upgraded energy efficiency, there is no way you are going to take chances on next winter’s heating bill. It is one of the best ways to ensure your home consumes less energy.   Read more
INTERIOR DESIGN  Apr 10, 2019 16:32
Car vent tabs are known to break. It happens a lot, and the reason this happens the most is because the horizontal louver ends up breaking or falling off. The next thing you know, you can’t control your air vent anymore. Just about every time, you would end up having to take your car to a shop. Want to know a big secret? They’re not spending the hundreds of dollars they charge you for replacing the part. They buy vent tabs wholesale from manufacturers for merely a few dollars, and then place that on your car. So why not just do it yourself? In this article, we’re going to explain other reasons why you should think about replacing air vent tabs yourself.  Read more
INTERIOR DESIGN  Apr 10, 2019 16:32
After floods or any event that involves water intruding into homes and causing structural damage or severe wetting, caution should be taken before re-entering the house. It’s important to seek the opinion of a professional as there may be potential hazards resulting from structural and electrical systems that may be of questionable integrity.   Read more
APPLIANCES  Apr 09, 2019 11:30
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