The world's highest-paid soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo, is upset over the recent Vanity Fair cover in which he shares the spot with rival player Didier Drogba... while wearing his undies.

The Real Madrid stud is apparently furious over the fact that after he stripped down to his underpants and showed off his ripped muscles for photographer Annie Leibovitz, the magazine bosses also ran a photo of Chelsea FC striker Drogba on the cover:

"Ronaldo is freaking out," the source said. "He says he wants to sue Vanity Fair for using his image to promote the issue everywhere.

"Even though this is pretty standard practice in the magazine world, he and his managers insist only they have control of his image and where it can be used.

"But no legal action has been launched, and there are whispers that what really upset Ronaldo was that, having stripped off to his underpants for the shoot in Madrid, he didn't envisage sharing the cover with another player photographed in Milan."

The rivalry between two of the world's best players is strong. Ronaldo's team, Portugal is set to take on Drogba's Ivory Coast in their opening World Cup match this June 15th.