Not every pretty face stays a pretty face. Some of them, go into politics. With elections like these, its easy to let your voting decision stray with these hot ladies in front of the ballad box!

Carla Bruni

This First Lady of France does more than swap notes on handbags with Michelle Obama. She's a former model (and occasional singer) who goes out and makes friends with the free world, which is more than can be said for her other half. Zing!

Mara Carfagna

When Silvio Berlusconi drafted Carfagna into his cabinet as Equal opportunities minister, the former model, who'd posed for titles like Maxim, courted much attention - which is what you'd want for an important job like that. But then again, a lot of the Prime Minister's political pawns were female, and extremely attractive. So the trick wore off after a while.

Camilla Ferranti

We take that last statement back. Another of Berlusconi's handpicked candidates, this time for Europe. Miss Ferranti's CV included semi-naked modelling and a role on a popular Italian soap opera. Why the electorate didn't vote her in is anyone's guess.

Barbara Matera

We must admit, combing through the perma-tanned Berlusconi's cabinet has been gruelling work, and look, we've found another one. Miss Matera, a former Miss Italia finalist and sometime TV host, cruised onto Silvio's MEP candidate shortlist, and was regarded as the key component of his radical European vision - something to do with bikinis, we think.

Naomi Campbell

We did say 'dabbled' in politics, after all. She's always campaigned for charities, whether it be for wars or AIDS. Naomi Campbell  isn't afraid of pelting a staff member with a phone, a la Gordon Brown. You wouldn't want anyone else leading your party into battle, would you?

Levy Orly

The Bar Refaeli of the nineties, once she finished showing the world how bikinis should be worn, she made a surprising career choice by going into politics and is now a key figure in the nationalist Yisrael Beitenu party.

Tania Derveaux

Derveaux was made a model through politics. She took part in a shoot for Belgium political protest group, NEE, and her naked body (much like what you see above) was posted around the country on pamphlets offering 400,000 counts of oral sex.

Alina Kabaeva

A world-class gymnast cum-part time model who got into politics to become the Party of United Russia's State Duma depute in 2007. A year later it was claimed by Russian newspaper, The Moskovsky Korrespondent, that Kabaeva was to marry the big dog himself, Vladimir Putin. As a result of the rumour, Putin had the paper shutdown, and nobody talks of the incident ever again.

Anastasia Michaeli

Michaeli went to St Petersberg to study a degree in electrical engineering and ended up with not only the degree but being crowned 1995’s Miss St. Petersberg. She exited for Paris to work as a model, had much success, and dipped into journalism before working for Ariel Sharon’s party.

Pnina Rosenblum

She’s posed for Playboy and experienced the inner workings of Isreal’s political system by creating her own political party in 1999 but perhaps the most noteable thing about Rosenblum is that she counts Robert De Niro’s as a former lover.