When you boot your WinXP home box, does your system hang for a looooooong time after the desktop appears?? You try and click on items and nothing happens? Then all of a sudden, all those things that you clicked on during the hang start to load and pop up?
I had this problem with my computer, and I have seen it in others. It took me awhile to find a solution, so I want to share it with as many as possible.....

1. Click START/RUN
2. Type msconfig
3. Click OK
4. Click the SERVICES tab
5. Scroll down to find a service called WORKSTATION
6. Uncheck this service
7. Click APPLY
8. When prompted, Restart

With any luck, you will just have cut your boot time in half, just like I did for my computer and for others'.
When the System configuration utility appears, if this worked for you, click the box that says "Do Not Show This Message Again". If this causes something bad to happen, immediatly repeat the steps above except put a check IN the box on step #6.

I cannot say if this will work in XP Pro because I have not tested it. If anyone tries I would love to know if it worked.