Norton does a great job of protecting me from viruses. It will pop up and let me know that it is scanning outgoing and incoming mail. While receiving email, if the program runs across a virus it will pop up a save window letting me know where the backup file is being saved, This is usually the quarantine folder within the Norton program. With Outlook / Outlook Express simply right click the paperclip icon in the preview pane. You'll see that the attachment is called "Norton Antivirus Deleted1.txt", click the file.

A message will come up in notepad telling you the name of the infected document that was removed and what virus it contained

McAfee has very similar features: it scans my incoming and outgoing mail and it pops up to let me know when there's a threat in my email. The pop up window in McAfee also has the name of the potential virus with a link to more information concerning the virus in question.

This is nice and because you can see the threat without going though the procedure of clicking the paperclip for the name of the virus like in the before mentioned Norton antivirus. However, you can view the virus information by clicking on the paperclip like you do with Norton if you didn't catch the virus name in the initial pop up and would like view information on it.

Both McAfee and Norton have virus information sections of their website. This is a good place to take any information that you have gathered on the virus or threat, and plug it in. This can give you a really good idea about what's going on in your system and over time make you a virus expert.