A video examination of the recent claimed UFO in Jerusalem (January 28th 2011). I have now found the source of the still photo that was used to fake the close up footage (on the left in my comparison). It is taken from Wikimedia and can be found here: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Jerusalem_night_7088.JPG The event was allegedly filmed by three people. Two of those were together and the third was from a different angle. This comparison shows that the two do not sync up correctly. Also, in the second video (the close up view one that I have split onto the laft half of the screen), there is no distortion due to camera zoom, nor signs of parallax as the video pans around the buildings. And the most telling part is that the 'flare' from the street lights, does not alter as the camera tilts and pans. Because of these observations, I sya it's most likely that the second (close up) video is a CGI object superimposed onto a still photo, with the 'camera shake' added afterwards. As the original (distance shot) is so unclear, it is impossible to determine, but the flash just before the object takes off looks very unrealistic as the main flash light's the whole sky (something not seen in the second close up video), but not the buildings, as if someone has just masked an area in the video and lightened it manually.