How good are you at hacking a piece of code? If you're good at puzzles, problem solving or even code breaking, this is for you! Stand to win RM100,000 in cold-hard-cash, no holds barred! The prize money will go to the first person that deciphers these codes that was encrypted using military grade AES256 encryption. Think you got what it takes? Get started and try breaking the codes now!  Read more
PRE WRITE UP ARTICLES    Sep 08, 2015 13:50
Many ciphers have been solved before. This one here is a pretty complex one and requires a bit of thinking around it. We don't know the answers ourselves, but we're sure as heck curious to know.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 08, 2015 13:48
This is an online exercise to get you familiar with how you can decrypt a message that uses what-looks-like gibberish strings of letters and numbers put together to get you ready for this challenge. If you answer correctly, an encrypted text for challenge will appear below. You need to retrieve all 3 to enter the challenge.  Read more
TECH NEWS    Sep 08, 2015 13:42
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