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Designer Michael Bastian is teaming up with Hewlett-Packard for a technological twist blending design and superior craftsmanship. The smartwatch starts with a 44mm stainless steel case and multilayered finish coupling it with inlaid button controls, bezel bolts, a lighted chronograph and a trio of interchangeable bands.  Read more
TECH NEWS    Aug 01, 2014 12:02
The biggest brands in the world didn't get to becoming the biggest brands by just having some awesome marketing. Instead, a lot of their success is due to science. Here are some of the sciencey things you never knew about these brands.  Read more
TECH NEWS  Aug 01, 2014 10:51
ThinkGeek has a fun mini-fridge that looks like a Rubik’s Cube. The fridge currently in-stock and being sold for $149.99.  Read more
GEEK ART    Jul 31, 2014 09:18
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