Facebook is going to revamp its News Feed this Thursday, and now we may have caught a glimpse of what that means. TechCrunch says that Facebook plans to introduce new ways to filter the News Feed, so there will be a Photos feed for images, a Music Feed for what your friends are listening to, and more. The whole point of it is to give us more News Feeds to look at. The new News Feed will probably have an option to switch "tabs" to change views between the Feeds.

TechCrunch created this mock design of Facebook's new feed based on their sources' information:

Will this news feed work for everyone? As with every other Facebook upgrade, users will probably hate the initial switch (think Timeline). But with a more organized News Feed, it may actually be easier for users to keep up with their friends the way they'd rather - not everyone wants to see pictures, and not everyone is interested in your music. We're excited to see how the new News Feed will play out.