When Facebook Timeline happened, my world on the social media network changed. I totally loved it. But plenty of people couldn't get used to it. Some hate it and threaten (as always) to quit Facebook. They never do. Anyway just as Timeline haters are finally getting their heads around the new outlook, Facebook is ready to change things up again.

For example, let's look at the profile of Carl Franzen, who has the beta testing version of Timeline. The design shift is much cleaner and the largest change is having your name and vital stats (college, workplace, home location etc) from underneath the cover photo to right onto it - superimposed in white text. Who knows what yours would look like if your cover photo was pale.

The image boxes that are used to display your friends and most recent photo are now plain text rectangles. The entire upper row of the profile is squashed, and the "What's on your mind" field gets a huge visual boost.

But worry not, Facebook is still only toying with the idea of this Timeline upgrade, and depending on feedback we may not ever see it on our profiles.