Yahoo pulled the trigger on Monday to sue Facebook saying that the social media company infringed on 10 patents. There have been a lot of lashback as of recent since then with a majority of the web supporting the social network.

Former Facebook director of marketing and sister of Mark Zuckerberg, Randi Zuckerberg attempted to answer the question of "How is Yahoo like Dancing with the Stars" on Twitter. Yahoo, faced a shower of mostly negative sentiment on Tuesday.

The 10 patents that they filed were related to messaging, news feed generation, social commenting advertising display, preventing click fraud and privacy controls. Critics were quick to point out that such patent trolling smacks smells of desperation, in an attempt to regain market share and curb plummeting revenues.

Others have noted that the suit could hurt Facebook's IPO prospects. The suit has yet to pan out to its fullest seeing its only been a few days but check out some of the best Twitter responses so far. Got any to share? Let us know!