Tibettruth has launched an online campaign to make Facebook specify Lhasa, which is the capital of Tibet, as a part of Tibet. Users there are only seeing it as part of China.

On its website, which details how to file the online petition, Tibettruth says:

We are asking that Facebook kindly review its current profile format to enable Tibetans to select, as their hometown Lhasa, TIBET. Currently when Tibetans open an account they are denied that choice and can only select ‘Lhasa, Xizang, China,’ as option that endorses the bogus claim that Tibet is part of China.

Check it out here:

Lhasa is the capital of that region and China claims it as Chinese territory, while supporters of a free Tibet argue that it’s Tibetan land. There have been disputes between China and Tibetians since Chinese troops occupied the region in 1950.

One of the more eye popping disputes and demonstrations was during last year where more than two dozen Tibetans have set fire to themselves in protest at China’s occupation. The most recent self-immolation, by a teenage Tibetan monk in China, took place March 10.

Hong Kong on the other hand is identified on Facebook as “Hong Kong,” with users able to choose from cities within the region as a hometown. Hong Kong is considered a “special administrative region” by the Chinese. Tibet is not.

Do you think this petition will be able to get Facebook to change and allow Tibetans to select their hometown?