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2016 is starting to draw to a close, so what should we expect from smartphones in 2017.  Read more
TECH NEWS  Dec 03, 2016 21:26
A hacking group known as ‘Hacking Team’ posted a detailed overview of how a specific Italian firm was hacked into, on a public forum. Reading the hacking details was a fascinating analysis on its own, but the autopsy of the targeted attack is a definite must for every organisation that manages data security or supports a security policy in place.  Read more
TECH NEWS    Nov 25, 2016 00:37
Gaming technology has come on leaps and bounds over the last few decades. Technological advancement is at an all-time high in the industry and, to the excitement of gamers around the world, these new technologies are being incorporated into a wide range of different games and consoles.  Read more
TECH NEWS  Nov 24, 2016 02:01
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