How Does a Seedbox Work? Nov 12, 2019

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Nowadays, cloud computing is renowned as one of the most powerful technologies of the era. According to several reports, it is noticed that global cloud spending will increase from 230 billion dollars in 2019 to nearly 550 billion dollars by 2023 correspondingly. For that reason, no one can deny the rapid growth of advanced technology and cloud computing in the past years.   Read more
TECH NEWS  Nov 14, 2019 12:09
Twice every year, the occasion of Black Friday and Cyber Monday remains an important spectacle for consumer brands. According to Adobe Analytics, the e-commerce sales on Black Friday rose to a staggering 23.6 percent from a year back. It is primarily due to the culture of online shopping spreading fast among consumers and the sheer convenience it brings with respect to a shopping experience.  Read more
TECH NEWS  Nov 14, 2019 12:09
Seedboxes are known for their unique ability to facilitate private torrenting, meaning you can upload and download safely in the knowledge that your privacy and anonymity is protected. While they are usually a little more expensive than other torrenting options, once you understand how a seedbox works differently, you'll see why.   Read more
TECH NEWS  Nov 12, 2019 21:05
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