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When technology advancement isn't creating games like Candy Crush and thinking of numerous ways to invade our privacy, it's going at a fast rate to help people. This blind mom was able to see her son for the first time thanks these new tech glasses.  Read more
TECH NEWS  Jan 27, 2015 19:53
Personal phones have changed so much over the past fifteen years. They started out as efficient devices for communication. They have since developed into cultural and societal phenomenons. Smartphones ushered in a new era for users. Businesses embraced smartphones, and the internet speed and capabilities made them irresistible to users.  Read more
TECH NEWS  Jan 27, 2015 12:22
Early prototypes of the car plane didn't show whether it could fly, but promised that it would. And now it's 2015 and it's flying. This is the Jetson's era now!  Read more
TECH NEWS  Jan 27, 2015 11:16
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