CERES - Hybrid Tube Amp Oct 18, 2017

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Ceres is designed around a Classic Sound, single tube architecture. The Dual-Triode tube amplifies the incoming signal which is then routed to the Class-A Solid State buffer to provide the proper power to drive a wide variety of headphones. User selectable attenuation and output impedance insure the best sound possible.    Read more
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How does going home to a clean and cozy house make you feel? After a long day and all the stress at work, looking forward to an orderly house with your warm couch while sipping wine or coffee, and eating your favorite food definitely sounds and feels like heaven.   Read more
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Success in recovering VAT can be achieved with accurate knowledge and practice. The process is complex and necessitates major investments in resources. Due to improper handling of the recovery process, many companies miss out on major savings. It’s essential to understand the areas, conditions and possible methods for recovery because VAT rules change constantly.   Read more
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