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It’s an interesting time in media today. As soon as we got the technology to deliver content to us through our phones or via HD 4K television, we’ve become very picky about the kind of shows, films, and music we digest. This is why most producers and networks make it a point to pick the right visual editors, and directors. But more importantly, we’re also very demanding about the sounds and music we listen to.   Read more
TECH NEWS  Apr 23, 2019 14:24
Local SEO plays a major role in the way customers engage with businesses today, especially with the unprecedented rise in mobile usage. Are you properly using your Google Business Profile to get those walk-in customers? Digital traffic is important, but ultimately you want your customers to walk through the door and buy from you. Here are some ways to use Google Business to improve your local SEO and get more walk-in customers:  Read more
TECH NEWS  Apr 23, 2019 13:54
CRM plays a significant role in restaurant management system by getting repeat orders. It helps retain customers as well as build new ones via effective campaigning through captivating emails and SMS.   Read more
TECH NEWS  Apr 23, 2019 00:30
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