Energy Star rated efficient systems minimize energy requirements.

How much of energy do you use in your home? If you wish to go green, then energy usage is undoubtedly a major factor to be sure of. Baker Street Properties’ Tahoma Townhouse, located in Park City in Utah, is one such project deservedly bearing that eco-friendly tag. While being extremely comfortable, these mansions offer all modern amenities with a difference.

Don’t you worry about the interior spaces! These Build Green Utah Certified buildings make use of blown-in insulation, has radiant in-floor heating system and Energy Star rated appliances to ensure energy conservation. Engineered logs in lieu of the wooden brackets minimize dependence on forests. These houses are perfect examples of green technology. Hence, $1.695 million doesn’t seem to be that large an amount. Well, when people hear about their neighbors’ green behaviors, they wish to inculcate similar affinities.

The Dark Side:
No doubt, the project is extremely ecofriendly; almost all the prerequisites fro conserving energy have been made use of. What is lacking therein is the presence of wind turbines, PV cells and water collecting system. Had these features been there, more sustainability could be achieved.

Via: Greenpacks