If you remember, Nokia has showcased the Remade concept phone during last year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. While the concept phone that's supposed to be made of recycling materials is still in development, Nokia thinks up a "green" idea that could be executed with resources available to the company today. Instead of thinking what they could put into a product for it to be considered eco-friendly, Nokia thought of what they could exclude from the product package instead. The Nokia N79 Active was announced recently - it's a phone bundled with various health monitoring peripherals such as a heart rate belt. The new N-series phone comes in another version though: the N79 Eco that dons the color black rather than the white or grey of the N79 Active version. A part of why it's dubbed "Eco" is the reduced packaging of the device - a direction taken by several companies before. The claims are also the same: minimized packaging is tantamount to reduced waste and hence, reduced fuel consumption due to the number of boxes that can fit inside the delivery vehicle. What's novel about the idea is the lack of the usually-included charger inside the Nokia N79 Eco box. Owners are encouraged to use their old Nokia chargers. I do, however, got a couple of problems in mind. First is that if a buyer has never owned a Nokia phone before, they would be compelled to buy a charger for the handset. And second is that if the buyer's charger is still one of those old brick types, then what green credential this handset has would have been for naught as those types consume a lot of energy even on standby.