AppSeed takes the notion of sketching out an idea for app to development in a seamless process. Just capture the image within the app's specific markers and the computer vision will do the rest.

The app will turn your sketched out features into user interface elements and even input text if you need. You can designate one section as input data, and AppSeed will bring up the keyboard function on your phone for it.

The whole thing sounds great because you won't need to know how to code. The project's Kickstarter page has already surpassed its goal of $30,000 Canadian dollars.

The app runs on an OpenCV library, which is an open source database housing more than 2,000 algorithms. According to co-founder Greg Goralski, he learned how to use the library "from scratch" and it is used primarily to match template and find contour, which helps the app identify individual elements in sketches.

While it doesn't automatically produce a finished app, it streamlines the process of testing ideas out. AppSeed isn't going to produce your final product. It will give you a sense of where things are going and how they should be.

"The goal of this app is to speed up that initial brainstorming and testing phase at the very beginning of the project," Goralski told Mashable. "It helps with that initial part where the idea of the details of the project aren't set in stone but you know exactly what you want to go and build. Then you want to go through a development process to make it complete."

AppSeed's Kickstarter campaign ends on Wednesday. Check it out!