iOS 7 is finally ready to find a life in your phone. You haven't seen it yet, you should, and it's probably the best thing from their announcement. It's feature rich, and its also aesthetically pleasing. It'll make that old phone of yours feel completely new.

Consumers will have to wait until September 18. Apple has released the Gold Master Version of iOS 7 to developers after their event this morning.

The most radical update is the retooling of the Camera Roll which has been replaced by a groups feature called "Moments."

Apple also added photo effects to the Camera that can be applied during or after shooting.

In addition, they've rolled out a revamped suite of Apple made apps - Keynote, Pages, Numbers, iPhoto and iMovie, all of which will be free for new customers. Other features include Google Play like feature in the Notification Center which will tell you how long it takes to travel to work or school.

Siri has improved as well and will be able to pull information from Wikipedia now, and itunes radio will get a whole bunch of new effects.

The downside is that you will need to relearn a few things. iOS 7 does away with some of the uglier elements from the previous versions and has a wonderfully flat design.

Apple made it easier to access and control some basic functions of the phone and swiping down from the top of the phone to bring you a totally overhauled Notification Center.

There's other tiny updates here and there worth checking out, and simply because you need a new old phone now. September 18 isn't that far away. Wait for it!