Instagram may be the leader in filtered pics, but it is Vine that's still leading the pack in the short video segment.

Some brands may have gotten it right, and some not so much. Here's some of them which have taken to Vine to make some really good use of the platform. Check it out below:

1. Gap
Below, Gap gives an interesting close-up of its sneakers collaboration with SeaVees.

2. Sephora Sephora Vined perfume rollerballs escaping from a glittered clutch.

3. Burberry The Vine video's smooth revolutions and light exposure add visual interest to the polka-dot sunglasses.

4. Samsung A basketball player shoots some hoops through different Samsung mobile devices.

5. French Connection Apparel brand French Connection fits a lot into one suitcase.

6. Puma The sneakers just can’t help themselves.

7. Target Target gets an A+ for creativity — perfect loops are still mesmerizing.

8. Volkswagen Shark Week, anyone?

9. General Electric The company aligns itself with science. This Vine video just loops it.

10. eBay EBay illustrated its eBay Now program in under six seconds.

11. Lowe's Here, Lowe's capitalizes on the cuteness of squirrels.

12. Oreo If you like cookie crumbs on your ice cream, you’ll like this step-by-step Vine video.

13. Malibu Rum We’ve seen brands do much worse for their first Vine videos.

14. Dove A great example of a brand using Vine to further educate its consumers about what it stands for.

15. Etsy Etsy’s Vine video illustrates its “colorful community.”