An article in the Daily Mail, talked about the dangers of sex in space. If true, it's probably a good thing we're here on earth. Anyway, according to the study, scientists have discovered that sex in space could lead to some severe health problems and life threatening illnesses. This includes brain disease and cancer.

The study wanted to look at how zero gravity would affect the reproduction process, and since sperm cells in plants are delivered to an egg with a "cylindrical tool" just like in human baby-makin', scientists are able to apply the results to our own reproductive process. Professor Anja Geitmann at the Montreal University says:
Researchers already knew humans, animals and plants have evolved in response to Earth's gravity and they are able to sense it. What we are still discovering is how the processes occurring within the cells of the human and plant bodies are affected by the more intense gravity, or hypergravity, that would be found on a large planet, or the microgravity that resembles the conditions on a space craft.
The study used pollen as their model because of its pivotal role in reproduction and it's incredibly rapid growth so that scientists could measure the effects of altered gravity levels in seconds. Their findings - microgravity conditions aren't very condusive: Co-researcher Dr. Youssef Chebli noted:
This allows us not only to understand general principles of the reproductive mechanism in plants but, more importantly, how the intracellular transport machinery in eukaryotic cells responds to altered gravity conditions.
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