Typing is still a pain on a smartphone, so scientists at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany have designed what they deem as a smarter and better way to type using gesture control.

Dubbed "airwriting", it's a system that is in development to turn the movements you make as you write in the air into typed letters. Are we ready for yet another change? Just when we're getting so used to typing. How many of us write really bad these days?

The gesture is captured with the help of a thin, glove like wristband that is equipped with acceleration sensors and gyroscopes usually found in a phone. It will recognize handwriting movements and transmits them to a computer with a wireless signal.

The question here would be: Does it have auto correct?

The system sounds like what we posted earlier last week, called MYO. Similar to this, it is a wristband operated gesture control system that lets you control anything digital with a simple muscle movement.

But handwriting is so different. Everyone has different styles. The one that scientists are developing will be able to recognize 8000 words and the differences between capital and lowercase letters.

The project just received a Google Faculty Research Award for $81,000, which the researchers hope will allow them to make the device more comfortable to wear.

What do you think of this? Do you type faster than you write? One would think so, right?