Graphene, the magical material sauce is going to do a lot of wonderful things. One of them, is make an antenna that would let you transfer a whole terabit of data in one second.

That's what the researchers at Georgia Tech University are doing. They were successful within a couple of feet, but in theory from a closer range you could move as much as 100 terabits a second.

MIT Technology Review explains how the antenna would be made:
Graphene could be shaped into narrow strips of between 10 and 100 nanometers wide and one micrometer long, allowing it to transmit and receive at the terahertz frequency, which roughly corresponds to those size scales. Electromagnetic waves in the terahertz frequency would then interact with plasmonic waves-oscillations of electrons at the surface of the graphene strip-to send and receive information.
The future is about to get super fast. [MIT Technology Review]