A research in Italy is suggesting that playing fast pacde games that stress chaos versus literacy exercises may be able to treat dyslexia. The researchers tested seven to thirteen-year-olds playing Wii's Rayman Raving Rabbits for 12 hours over two weeks and found that increased reading speed with no loss of reading accuracy.

So a console game is a good cure for dyslexia? The gains reported to last two months after the video game sessions show that the engaging tool helped children with reading disabilities.

According to lead psychologist Andrew Facoetti from the University of Padua, the study of 20 children with dyslexia builds on existing evidence that many readers have difficulty focusing on items within arrays. Action video games help strengthen the ability to monitor central and peripheral objects in chaotic scenes, which helps kids to track successive letters in words.

Of course there's the other school of though which suggests that the Padua researchers did not follow up with testing comprehension and that with a small sample size, it's hard to determine that a control group playing "chaotic" video games would benefit more in that way.

Via ScienceNews, The Telegraph