As technology progresses, we're looking to harness the power of everything. From solar to anything renewable, and to natural disasters too. Like tornados. The idea became more concrete over the years and now Peter Thiel (founder of Paypal and early Facebook), has given $300,000 through his Breakout Labs to a Canadian company called AVEtec to work on designs and prototypes for "atmospheric vortex energy".

The idea is that there would a circular chamber which warm air is released at tangential angles, and would create a rising cortex controlled by colder air from the chamber. The turbines would spin and would have an artificial tornado.

A 200 meter wide version of a tornado would be able to generate 200 watts of energy at 3 cents per kilowatt-hour which is cheaper than a lot of ways we're currently doing it now.

In addition, the heat source for creating tornados could be fossil fuel power plants, which means most coal and natural gas plants' waste heat could be used for this purpose.

Via Discovery