Photo and video editing has now been made easier, thanks to filters and apps alike. Now Vimeo is going the distance, by adding a "Hollywood-style effect" by adding some updates to its Enhancer toolbox. They added 500 "high quality, stylistic visual effects" for users to play around with.

The filters are called "Looks" and they complement Enhancer's audio editing features that were introduced last year. Vimeo stated in a press release that the "Looks" are "powered by Vivoom, the visual enhancing platform built on the same cutting-edge technology that has been used by top TV and film production studios for the past 16 years."

Here's what using Enhancer's real-time Looks preview looks like:


Instagram for video? It does look a tad bit like that. And looking at this, we're thinking it's only a matter of time before Instagram offers up some video too.

Each filter will cost $0.99.

Via Vimeo