Our eyes can only "see" so much. There's more things that go on but our eyes can't really capture what's going on and most of that stuff is invisible to us. A team of MIT scientists have managed to reveal invisible motions in video to us.

Researchers over at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory came up with a process called Eulerian Video Magnification which involves exaggerating the impossible for the human eye to see kind of movements.

You can see it in video though. And you can see a person's face flushing as the blood pumps from his heart, and well, more. What would it be like to actually experience this with our own eyes, we wonder. According to the NYT:

The scientists who developed it believe it could also have applications in industries like manufacturing and oil exploration. For example, a factory technician could film a machine to check for small movements in bolts that might indicate an impending breakdown.
Check it out in action in video here: [NY Times]